Membrane Switch Mosaic Silicon Rubber Keypad

Membrane Switch Mosaic Silicon Rubber Keypad
Customized Silicon Rubber Keypad Switch
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Membrane Switch Mosaic Silicon Rubber Keypad


Product Description

Membrane switch is also called Touch Keypad, it utilizes PET, PC, FPC and other flexible materials and screen printing technology, which is an entirely sealed plastic electronic product that combines graphics, keys, signs, conductivity, and switch function.


1: Membrane switch has below main advantages.

1)Small and portable. Generally a membrane switch is several or dozens grams, it is quite convenient to carry or disassemble.

2)Aesthetic appearance. It adopts advanced silk screen printing technology, with special design; We can provide any custom solution you need.

3)Sealing. To meet customer's unique needs of the program, we can design the membrane switch to be water- proof, grease proofing, dust-proof, and static-free...With unique technologies, the membrane switch can endure a high voltage.

4)Good conductivity. The circuitry is printed with carbon, silver, copper foil and so on, it can be freely folded, and the resistance can be limited according to customer's specification.

5)Low cost. Membrane switch is low price, some even costs only cents.

Compare to other electronic components which have same function, it is

Exactly cheap price.

6)Long lifetime. The materials are with high isolation, thermal resistance, fold resistance and rebound resilience. Moreover, the graphic can not be damaged because of its second surface printing; The lifetime is usually above 3 years.


2: Product's direction:

To analyze products in current market, most of them are getting to be short, small, lightweight and thin. Membrane switch is just in accordance with this design, which is an electronic component that in combination of art and technology.


3: Type of membrane switch:

Main types: There are many different types and layouts of membrane switch, its basic function like travel, operating force, life time mainly depend on type of key and material. The main types can be sorted as follows:

Membrane switch with flat keys, membrane switch with embossed keys

(rectangle or dome), membrane switch with metal dome or polydome,

Tactile or non-tactile, membrane switch with LCD window or embedded

LED, and so on...


4: According to the tactile feeling, it can be classified to 3 types.

* Metal dome keypad: It has metal domes inside, with contacts above them, the electric loop is generated by finger operating.


1) Good tactile feeling.

2) Long lifetime even being used in high temperature condition.

* Polydome keypad: Poly dome is an embossed dome in the circuitry layer of membrane switch, it is quite durable, and the travel is a little shorter than metal dome keypad. In some applications, the polydome can be processed in top overlay layer, this reduces numbers of layer. Operating force is influenced by material thickness, diameter and height of the keys.


5: We manufacture complete line of membrane switches, our experienced design team are ready to work with you to design membrane switches to meet your unique needs of your project.

1) Graphic overlay with or without embossing.

2) Tactile with metal dome or polydome or non-tactile

3) Embedded LED or other surface mount components.

4) Waterproof or UV resistant.

5) Electroluminescent backlighting.

6) ESD shielding (Aluminum foil or whole layer with silver and carbon coated).

7) Tail with or without connector (male or female pin).