Control Keypads With Graphic Overlays

Control Keypads With Graphic Overlays
Customized Graphic Overlays
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Control Keypads With Graphic Overlays

Hangzhou Kaike utilizes extensive type of polyesters, lexan and blended materials for graphic Overlays progress, which suits for various type of environment; We professionally design And manufacture high quality graphic overlays to serve industrial controls, household Appliances, instruments and other markets. We provide supreme design, quality, And service to meet customer's needs.

Graphic overlay features:

1: Windows: The overlay is used in devices which has a display. Window's Transparency is depended on the material using and customer's Requirements, we can print transparent and translucent colors And surface finishes.

2: Materials:
A) Polyester: High chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. High Durability.
B) Lexan: High thermal resistance. Lower cost
C) PMMA: High transparency, acidity and alkaline resistance, light weight, Recyclable, high ductility.

Products  is able to do gloss finish or matt finish on material.

3: Embossing: Graphic overlays can be embossed in order to insert domes, generally There are 3 type of embossing.
A) Dome embossing b) Pillow embossing c) Rim embossing d) Dimple embossing

4: Backlighting: To print Phosphorous ink on the second surface on the overlay, when Exposed to a light source, it stores energy that uses to glow in the Dark.

5: Digital printing: With digital printing technology, it makes the overlay be more Colorful and aesthetic.

6: Color: Strictly match Pantone or RAL color system
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