Analysis on the structure of utility models what is a membrane switch panels

Button panel membrane switch panel utility is a thin film structure, then we understand together what this structure has the following characteristics:

Film switch panel practical new is a film Panel press forming structure, makes its for combined Yu pair should control panel, by the light rubber film end of surface Central convex set of press convex body and control panel cloth column of touches switch one by one relative, and composition can for press touches control of combination; to once stamping made of Panel replaced individual press respectively open die manufacturing and the combination, can save large of manufacturing cost and the individual installation combination of work cost, with multiple economic.

Membrane switch panels utility to a sheet punching forming for the membrane switch to hollow out the line segment is connected with the appropriate compression elasticity Flake button hollow line cutting and adjacent keys when the press can't even arrange the sheet press the surface of hollow words, numbers or symbols on the underside of the keys bond a transparent adhesive film.

The main performance characteristics of membrane switch button panel structure:

(1) every Flake button directly on the surface outline numbers, words or symbols, then the sheet press the bond at the end of a piece of transparent plastic film, made of translucent plastic film sealing sheet key cut waterproof and light display text, numbers, and symbols.

(2) the structure of a membrane switch button panel molding, which is characterized, is based on a membrane switch sheet punching shear forming pressing to cut lines dividing the column with the appropriate elasticity Flake button shape, and cut line cutting and adjacent keys when the press can't even arrange.