Difference between film panel and film button

Difference between film panel and film button

  Film panels and film keys are internationally popular in recent years as a set of decorative and functional text marks, trademarks,

The transparent window and display are integrated, and it is also characterized by its light weight and convenient use. Thin film button has been widely used: intelligent electronic measurement

Instruments, Medical Instruments, Computer Control, Digital Machine Tools, Electronic Scales, Posts and Telecommunications, Copiers, Refrigerators, Microwaves,

Fans, washing machines, electronic game machines and other industrial and household appliances are also used in a wide range of applications.

        1. Industrial field: widely used in intelligent electronic measurement instrumentation, computer control, digital machine tools, industrial controllers

Industrial scales, etc.

2, the field of household appliances: widely used in air conditioners, washing machines, induction cookers, microwave ovens, rice cookers, soybean milk machines.

3, the field of medical devices: widely used in fitness equipment, electronic blood pressure monitors, various therapeutic devices.

 Thin film panel features

        The film panel is made with PVC, PC, PET and other soft plastic materials silk screen on the established graphics, text description, etc. and with different

Material made of double-sided adhesive used for marking or protection of plastic products. Haiwen Film Panel uses different materials and decides

Its price and performance, using silk screen technology produced by the film panel, the biggest features are:

1. Clear and intuitive graphics and text, and can adapt to different planes and curved planes.

2, the choice of different materials, can make PVC, PC, PET and other materials.

3, the film panel has: waterproof, anti-deformation, anti-pollution, anti-high temperature, highly viscous characteristics.

        The metal dome array, which is a PET sheet with contacts including metal domes, is used on PCBs,

The use of a circuit board such as the FPC as a switch functions as an important tactile switch between the user and the instrument. With tradition

Compared with the silicone keys, the conductive film has a better feel, longer life, and can indirectly increase the use of conductive films.

Type switch productivity. The film contacts are located on the conductive part of the PCB (most of the gold on the board)

Above the finger), when pressed, the center point of the shrapnel is concave and contacts the circuit on the PCB, forming a loop, current

Through this, the entire product will work properly. By looking at the thin film circuit, it can be found that it consists of three layers: upper, middle, and lower.

In the upper and lower layers, circuits are printed out using conductive paint, and corresponding contacts are provided below the keys. The middle layer is the isolation layer.

In the key part also has a circular contact (or hollowing out), when the keycap is pressed, the upper and lower two layers of the circuit are connected to produce

Corresponding signal.

 Thin-film keys are the basic structure of “button + film”, so the feel and characteristics of the keys are very much dependent

Thin film button design. Taking into account the separation and rebound of the switch contacts and the reliability of the wire-to-connector link, the thin film

The thickness of the panel is chosen to be the best from 0.125 to 0.15. Too weak to rebound, contact separation is not sensitive. Too thick and unresponsive increase operation

Strength. The key body is larger, such as 0.15 or 0.2 mm thick film when the diagonal length or the diameter of the circular key is larger than 12 mm. thin

The film is slightly thicker and rebounds strongly. The tendency of the film to loosen after multiple presses of the key body is small, thus ensuring the normal operation of the contact. When separated

The thinner the layer is, the thicker the film thickness of the circuit substrate should be, and the too thin film is prone to spontaneous contact. Flat keys allow selection

Use a slightly thicker film panel, and the film used for circuit contact bubbling should generally adopt 0.125 mm thick film, only

A thicker film should be used when the bubble diameter is large and the top of the ball is small.

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