Explain the automatic cutting machine operation of membrane switch materials

Explain the automatic cutting machine operation of membrane switch materials

The production of membrane switches must use raw materials, but the raw material requirements are also very strict. The specifications for cutting must be the same as those required by customers. Slight errors are unacceptable. This requires the use of automatic cutting machines, but you certainly do not know. How to do it, let Yan Hui technology to explain it to everyone.

1.Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check the normal supply of all parts of the cutting machine such as the electrical, mechanical, and control devices. There is no loosening of fasteners everywhere, and the control devices and safety protection devices are in good condition. There should be no obstacles affecting the operation of the testing equipment. The lubrication points of the cutting machine should be well lubricated. Check all rotating parts should be flexible after the boot, turn on the power switch.

2. Install the starting roller on the cutting machine and fix the material for the job. Check the surface of the machine table for dirt and dirt, and there may be some problems with the material. In the case of confirming that there is no problem with these, start pulling the material on the machine.

3. Concentrate on pulling to prevent inadvertent scratching of the hand. The material to be trimmed is placed flat on the knife edge, the material switch is opened, and the material is inserted into the material feeding port in a flat manner. At this time, the material conveying switch is closed and the locking material is closed. The cutter shaft lock nut cover must be locked.

4. Before the equipment is started, it must be confirmed again that all the preparation work is correct before starting the motor to cut the raw materials of the membrane switch.

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