Film touch panel to turn over salted fish yet

Film touch panel to turn over salted fish yet?

The three situations that may occur at the moment are the rapid rise of double glass G/G structure touch panel micro, monolithic touch technology or panel integration touch technology, and it may be that the film type touch panel is turned over.


The above scenario is mainly speculated from several events or phenomena. First of all, in the past, the double-glazed capacitive touch panel that led the development of the touch panel industry, the so-called G/G structured touch panel, has been supported by only one major customer, which is Apple Apple. However, due to Apple's consideration of using in-cell touch technology to import its new generation of smart phone iPhone 5, under the influence of the switch between the old and new products, this year has caused the G/G structure of touch panel shipments significantly reduced.


Furthermore, Amazon, another major maker of G/G touch panels, has continued to adopt the G/G structure touch panel, similar to Apple's New iPad, despite its 7-inch Kindle Fire. However, it is rumored that Apple may be in this year. The iPad Mini, introduced in the second half of the year, and the new small form factor tablet computer planned by Amazon, may use thin-film touch panels.


If you look at the phone alone, according to the survey, at least 5-6 percent of the non-Apple brand makers have adopted film-type capacitive touch panels this year. Not only will HTC's new models be used almost 100 percent this year. Film-type touch panel, Samsung in addition to AMOLED mobile phones are on-cell touch technology, the remaining mobile phones are also using film-type touch panel. As for MOTO, Sony, Chinese mainland brands, etc., this year will be based on film-based touch technology.


Not only that, tablet computers have similar phenomena. Non-Apple tablet PCs, including Taiwan's ASUS, ACER, and even more, will introduce OGS touch or film touch panels. Although the Apple iPad may be the leading brand of tablet PCs, it is generally expected that the iPad’s share of the global tablet PC market may decline this year.


In general, the general view is that this year the market should be able to grow with OGS touch panels and thin-film touch panels, once the Apple G1 G/G touch panel was introduced into the new model. Less and less, tablet computers are exactly the same. Optimist film touch panel industry believes that the future mobile touch panel will have the opportunity to win the film structure touch technology, OGS touch technology is in the 11-inch or more large and medium-sized products are very advantageous, perhaps with the film type Touch panels are equally divided in the mid-to-large size market because film-type touch panels also have positive conditions such as cost, lightness, and thinness in large-size applications.


However, if the G/G touch panel is designed to be a crossover OGS or a TOL monolithic touch technology manufacturer, the thin film touch panel may not have such an optimistic opportunity. Because if the cost structure is used to integrate the surface glass (protective glass) and the Touch Sensor into a one-piece touch panel, the thin film is not required, and the yield is high. The cost is really the lowest (the price also follows. Lower).


On the other hand, there are still technical bottlenecks in the light transmittance and thermal expansion coefficient of film-type touch panels, and the glass light transmittance can reach over 90%, but the film light transmittance remains at around 86%. . If you want to increase the cost and go with a touch panel, and you want to achieve high light transmittance and high quality, Shenghua has also developed a new generation of touch panel F/G structure products.

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