How many types of hand-feeling options can the panel membrane switch provide

How many types of hand-feeling options can the panel membrane switch provide?

The panel membrane switch used only one kind of touch in the early days, that is, the feel of the button bump, but with the continuous production and research and development of the manufacturer, there are already a variety of hand-applied products available on the market. Below we Keck Electronics will give you a detailed explanation on the use of the product.

The panel membrane switches can be divided into two categories by using the hand feeling, one is a plane switch, and the other is a bubble switch. The use of the planar switch is divided into two types, one is smooth, made of PET glossy film, and the other is frosted, made of sand film in PC. There are four types of bubbling switches, which are convex, concave, concave and convex, and three-dimensional. They can also be combined with other hand-feeling. For example, the concave-convex type and the three-dimensional type can be obtained. The type of feel, the use of the bubbling switch, the manufacturing process is not based on raw materials, but is produced using stamping equipment and pressing equipment. The production process is troublesome and requires different molds.

For the touch of the panel membrane switch, we need to carry out according to the actual situation of the product. We must not blindly follow the public. If you need customized products, please contact us at Dongguan Chuangming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the manufacturer directly customizes and the price is affordable.

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