How to choose and adjust the hardness of a single button membrane switch

How to choose and adjust the hardness of a single button membrane switch?

The single-button membrane switch has softness and is a product combining ornamental and functional. It consists of materials such as film, LED, shrapnel, ink, silver paste, etc. For the softness of the switch, and the used The thickness of the film is related. The lower the thickness of the film, the lower the hardness of the product. If it is soft, it will become stronger.

The choice of the softness of the single-button membrane switch is not regular. This needs to be selected according to the machine requirements of the product. Generally, the degree of the product on the market is almost the same, the degree of the product can be adjusted, the manufacturer generally The thickness of the product can be adjusted by using a fixing piece to adjust the softness of the product. The degree of the product cannot be too low, the degree of softness becomes large, and the line of the switch is easily broken, resulting in the product being unusable and not too high, too High will lose flexibility and the product will not fit on the surface. If the product has requirements for this aspect, it needs to communicate with the manufacturer, so the manufacturer will choose materials of different thickness to make the product and get a good product.

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