How to identify the quality of the membrane switch

Generally, the keys on the membrane switch only use color to express the orientation and shape of the key body. In this way, the accuracy of the operation can only be ascertained by the operator's vision, since there is no appropriate response message indicating whether the finger is useful for pressing the membrane switch.

     1, the appearance should be good, the appearance should be flat, the gloss is common, there is no mechanical operation, scratches, inclusions and stains and other appearances.

     2, weather resistance should be better, under certain natural environmental conditions, no deformation, cracking, aging and discoloration. With good chemical resistance, the panel layer will have the ability to touch different chemicals, but for most common chemicals, such as alcohols, ethers, mineral oils, there must be a certain tolerance.

Only when these points are met is a high-quality membrane switch. If you need to order a membrane switch, you can contact us. The company has won wide acclaim in the community for producing high-quality membrane switches for many years.

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