How to open and remove the membrane switch

How to open and remove the membrane switch

Membrane switch how to open maintenance? We need to pay attention to the following points. Today, we will analyze in detail how he conducted the repair. First of all, we need to open the film panel first, and then open the film of the button on the top layer. Use a universal meter to check the connection points of the key switch points and the circuit board. This ensures that the switch connection points after retrofitting correspond to the original ones. The second step is to use the positioning chasing at each switching point of the base film, and the conical holes on the metal plate are good. This will ensure that the microswitch will move up and down in the hole as the building does not become obstructed. If the hole is too small, it will affect the switch's elasticity and cause the switch to malfunction. In addition, we also need to compare the distance between each small hole of the Jinyue version and fix the micro switch on the printed board. And according to each switch corresponding to the first contact convergence. Since the new switch board is between the metal board and the indicator board, the hole corresponding to the board indicator light is made on the print board. You make sure that the light emitting tube of the display plate passes through the printed board and the display signal can be seen from the panel. Only by replacing the standard membrane switchboard of the same type, it is only necessary to remove the control panel when it can be replaced, and then only need to have a fundamental start to proceed. If you can't buy it, you can change it to a micro switch, but the circuit must be wired according to the old switch board.

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