How to select PET film switch printing material

How to select PET film switch printing material

PET panel ink

        A. The PET panel ink is a solvent evaporation type ink. There are many types of ink in this area. The ink should be fine, and the hue should be pure.

With strong hiding power and good adhesion to PET, Haiwen recommends using the German Baolong T-J series and the Japanese Seiko GAP series.

Column, Li Seda GV, one can DYH series.

        B. The panel printing is reversed, and the anti-pattern is printed on the smooth surface of PET (if PET does not use AUTOTDEX, it should be

Polarize it).

        C, according to the requirements of the solvent volatile ink (such as ink before printing must be fully stirred).

        D. For color printing, the dark color should be observed first, and the light color printing should be printed twice as much as possible to ensure its hiding.

This will increase the ink saturation and avoid ghosting in color overprints.

         E. Note that when dark colors are overprinted to prevent light color, the light-colored ink is changed in color, and light-colored ink should be printed as far as possible.

To reduce the influence of dark ink on the light ink phase, if it is impossible to use the inkless printing method, the ink print on the positive text is thicker, but it must be dried to make

Ink cover enhances.

          F. Pay attention to the requirements of back and front printing. Normally printed white and silver, its role is to prevent the circuit diagram behind the board from being exposed.

Shape, while not changing the hue of the color ink, and can make the ink color printed on the panel more vivid, therefore, the back printing ink

Requires high coverage, poor selection, insufficient printing once, and printing twice to achieve results.

         The role of screen back cover on the back of the panel: In order to prevent the wear of the ink layer of the panel, the function of protecting the graphic color:

         A. Clean the ink on the back of the panel to improve the hiding power and prevent the circuit behind the panel from being exposed.

         B. The upper back of the panel must be screen-printed with ink. The back-end ink is available in Baolong T-J-944 (white), preferably silk-silvered ink.

In addition to obstructing ink, the ink color is also rendered more vivid.

          The transparent window part of the panel is decorated:

          A. Printable Ketutai Window Fluid

          B. A special color transparent ink can be printed. The color of the color transparent ink should be the same as the color and wavelength of the light emitting device of the light emitting device.

As a result, the emitted light is brighter.

          C. How to select and use three primary colors with good transparency so that the transparent ink exhibits high color transparency in the transparent window portion.

In practical applications, it is found that transparency is not very good, another kind of transparency is good, and the surface of the ink layer is wrinkled. It is not good for transparency.

It is very convenient to reselect well-selected inks, such as German Baolong, Seiko Japan, and Lisa GV series, etc.

The appearance of orange peel wrinkles on the ink surface should be considered from the prepress treatment of the ink. Wipe out slight wrinkles on the ink surface.

          Window Fluid: UV-curable. With WINDOTEX GLOSS (glossy transparent), WINDOTEX ANTIGIARE (fog

(face) is matte, FOTOTEX UV MATT (sand surface).

          1. Glossy transparent window liquid and matte window liquid can be mixed to achieve the desired effect.

          2, thoroughly stirring before printing, 100T screen, 25#-35# capillary film production network version, avoid the sun printing

          3. The printing sequence is placed on the first or second process of surface printing.

          4. The window fluid can make the window of the hair surface layout transparent, and also make the transparent window an opaque matt surface.

          Insulation ink selection and main technical indicators: As the insulating ink for lead protection of Haiwen switch, it should be selected first

Insulating inks that are compatible with conductive inks and film sheets are very helpful for their adhesion. In membrane switches,

Often used in Edson's ED-452SS UV light-curable ink, the color is transparent blue or colorless, its insulation is 2400VAC/MIL.

The technical parameters of the insulating ink are:

          A, should be fully stirred before use

          B. According to the required insulation properties, the number of screen meshes is 160-300 mesh.

          C. UV curable energy is controlled at 300-600MI/CM2 D. Screen printing ED452SS requires UV curing after 3-5 minutes.

In order to achieve better quality results.

          Conductive layers are printed with a conductive printed material. Generally, silver ink and carbon ink are screen printed on the surface of the film. Commonly used on Haiwen membrane switch

The conductive inks are:

            1. Silver ink: The United States Acheson ink is used in the conductive silver ED427SS and ED478SS of Haiwen membrane switch, which is

Fine silver powder and low-temperature curing thermoplastic resin refined, suitable for screen printing. Has good printability, conductivity, antioxidant

Chemical, hardness, and strong adhesion.

           2. Carbon ink: Dedicated to Haiwen Membrane Switch is ED4233SS, ED725A, conductive ink: to prevent silver discoloration,

To improve the abrasion resistance of the printed layer, the ED427SS can be mixed with the ED423SS with any resistance.

           3. Pre-press and post-printing process operation requirements for screen printing silver and carbon ink:

          A, silver, carbon ink before printing requires the lid to be fully stirred, and to stir up and down, otherwise appear in the same can of silver ink

In different screen printing stages, the resistance of the circuit and its conductive properties are different, and sometimes it can also affect the adhesion with the film.

          B. After the correct screen printing operation, the silver carbon ink must stop for a moment on the film so that the solvent wets the

Dry in the oven as required to ensure adhesion to the film.

          C. In order to accurately achieve the conductivity of screen printing silver ink, it is generally divided into three levels after printing: low temperature, medium temperature, and specified temperature.

Degree, and to be dried, if the resistance deviates from the requirement, it must be dried or reprinted until the resistance value reaches the silver ink design requirement.

          D. The resistance value should be measured in square resistance Ω/□, because the line resistance does not take into account the width and thickness of the printed line, so the line resistance

It is not the standard resistance of this silver or carbon ink.

          E. Silver ink that is not printed on the silver screen on this screen cannot be returned to the original tank. It should be poured into a net tank.

The service life of the original silver ink in the tank.

          F, screen printing silver, carbon ink, due to the relationship between its characteristics, screen printing should choose a softer squeegee, thick film layer, thick wire mesh,

Large openings, light edges. The principle of printing is light and the printing principle of compound ink is important.

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