PET membrane switch can give you a different switch experience

PET membrane switch can give you a different switch experience

Membrane switch panel material mainly PET material, PC material and PVC material, but because PVC material adaptability is poor, not environmentally friendly, so basically do not apply.

Compared with PC materials, PET materials have higher hardness. Therefore, PET membranes are used as membrane materials because of their high frequency of use and the stress of the membranes on the key areas. For example, if we use a washing machine in our daily lives, that is, a household appliance that is used frequently, then the panel material of the washing machine switch is very important. If you use PC material to make the panel, then after several uses, it will be damaged. For consumers, they will doubt whether buying such a washing machine is the right choice. When consumers questioned this washing machine, the reputation of this washing machine will also decline. Therefore, errors in the selection of panel materials will affect the lifespan of the entire electronic product, and consumers prefer electronic products with long life because it will make them think of the value of the purchase.

For electronic products to be long-lived, the panel material can be selected without panic, letting PET materials come in handy. PET material has the characteristics of high transparency, high elasticity, anti-folding, and high hardness. So, for household appliances such as washing machines, the use of PET for panel materials is the right choice. In this way, the service life of the washing machine switch will be extended. As long as the internal structure of the washing machine is not a problem, the life of the entire washing machine product will be longer, and it will naturally attract more consumers.

PET materials can be used not only for printing panels, but also for printing circuits. They are ideal materials for making circuits. They have good insulation, heat resistance and high ink adhesion. As can be seen here, the PET material is still quite large, and the PET film switch is also a lever.

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