Quality detection of the membrane switch is what

Membrane switch quality testing is a very important piece of work, established a perfect quality assurance system, is vital for a successful film switch Enterprise priority. Quality inspection work on membrane switches. In addition to interest screen print worker familiar with the ink color and customers of color reproduction, but also need to focus on more important inherent quality of membrane switches, such as keystrokes, life, Peel strength and high temperature, low temperature, constant temperature humid and back to the line and yin, insulated electrical yin, pressure and other indexes.

1. membrane switch testing such requirements

Quality inclusions, splash inclusions, is less than 2/DM ². Inclusion, spot's length is not more than 1MM. Not allowed to accumulate at least 50MM from scratch; a/DM scratches less than 1 km², length of the scratches less than 20MM, its depth and width not greater than 50um; deep scratches less than 1um is allowed.

2. color

No obvious differences in color should be same batch product, color printing will have adequate coverage, see the following observed by reflected light color and structure is subject; printing and transparent printing ink layer, color overlapping part shall not exceed 1mm, which causes color deviations are permitted; printing characters and color of the edge is not clear and is not more than 0.15mm.

3.Membrane switch dimensions shall conform to the requirements of table 1, parallel to the membrane switch and two adjacent edges of verticality should comply with the requirements of lead tape ends of Center distance between adjacent conductors is generally 2.54mm.

4. Peel strength

The peeling strength of the adhesive layer of the membrane switches should not be less than 8N/25mm.

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