Share structure of membrane switches and membrane in the form of sheets

Membrane switch button function is set, indicating elements, instrument panel as one of an operating system, on the Panel, circuit, circuit under the isolation layer, composed of four parts, following by switch manufacturers talk about thin film structure and membrane sheets:

1 structure: flexible plate (r) and hard (Y)

R structures: membrane switch panels, insulation, circuit-level by the different nature of soft films such as: PET,PC,PVC composition.

Y-structure: switch the graphics and line respectively are manufactured in an ordinary complex laminate on both sides of double-sided printing lines, holes through metal, and lines of communication on both sides, and welded components in the back, with sheet metal as a guide through the labyrinth touch contact, clean the flat cable leads into.

2, membrane switch films for use in sheet

Circuit-layer sheet:: AUTOTEX special PET products.

Panel materials: thickness with different specifications (thickness 0.12~0.25UM) Panel material.

Hard coating chemical treatment PET:EBG (smooth) series of EBA (matte) series.

Hard coated PC have different specifications: AUTOFLEXPCG (smooth) AUTOFLEXPCA (matte).

Thermal stability and preventing shrinkage and adhesion of smooth PET sheet AUTOSTATCT3,CT4,CT5,CT7 thickness 25,100,125UM, respectively.

Thermal stability and preventing shrinkage and adhesion of mist-PET sheet, HT5 125UM mm thickness.

Sand surface of PET are: f-series (fine sand), v-series (coarse grit). Convex, through a special chemical treatment to both sides good polar sheet, sand surface printing transparent window fluid, smooth PVC,PC types of ink can be printed.