Touch screen of the first attribute

Transparent, it directly affects the touch-screen visual effects. Transparent has transparent of degree problem, infrared technology touch screen and surface Sonic touch screen only across has a layer pure glass, transparent can is leader, other touch screen this will good scrutiny a, "transparent", in touch screen industry in, just a very General of concept, many touch screen is multilayer of composite film, only with transparent is to General it of Visual effect is enough of, it should at least including four a characteristics: transparency, and color distortion degrees, and reflective sex and clarity, also can again points, Such as reflective levels including degree of specular reflection and diffraction reflection, but touch-screen reflective surface diffraction has not reached the level of CD disc, for the user, these four measures have been enough.

Because the presence of light and wavelength curves, images inevitably seen through a touch-screen color distortion with the original image, static images or color distortion, dynamic multimedia images is not feeling very comfortable, the color distortion is the largest color distortion is naturally the smaller the better. Transparency usually referred to only as a figure of average transparency is, of course, the higher the better.

Reflective, mainly refers to the images overlapped behind due to specular reflection of light and shadow, silhouette, Windows, lighting, and so on. Negative effects of reflective touch screen, the smaller the better, it can affect user browsing, when unable to identify the image character, touch-screen environment reflective of strong restrictions on lighting layout of the site also have to be adjusted. Most reflective problem touch screens provide a surface treatment model: scrub surface touch-screen, also known as Fang Xuan type, slightly higher prices, anti-glare reflective decreased significantly, suitable lighting is very ample Hall or exhibition venues, however, anti-glare light and clarity also will have a more substantial decline. Clarity, some touch-screen after installing, illegible, image details, the entire screen is blurry, I do not know, this clarity is poor. Definition problem is multi-layer film structure of the touch screen, because of the thin layer between the light refraction and reflection repeatedly caused, in addition anti-glare touch screen clarity due to scrub the surface down. Bad definition, eye fatigue, injury to eyes also, note to purchase touch-screen identification.