Understanding membrane switch circuits in which problems in the design

Membrane switch design what are the frequently asked questions? Or by the manufacturers to give you a simple analysis:

Membrane switches are made of layers of film with different material properties, playing a different role, complete the functions of membrane switch on the electrical products, including circuit-level is the main function of membrane switches, it is according to the required function and design of the circuit of electronic circuits.

Film switch and said light touch type keyboard, used plane multilayer combination and into of overall sealed structure, is will press switch, and Panel, and mark, and symbol displayed and the lining Board sealed in with of set light, and machine, and electric integration of a new electronic components, is electronic products appearance structure fundamental of change, it can replaced General Division components of press, more reliable to implementation operating system of task.

Common problems in membrane switch design is as follows:

1, swelling the membrane switch keypad shrapnel put right, there can be no deviation, otherwise it will affect key operation to fail.

2, color issues: modulation of ink, are the main causes of serious color deviation, there is too strict with color, the color range is too small, the factor is whether an industry is more difficult to control the problem.

3, press the drum kit, need to open mode to the appropriate location, otherwise it will affect the appearance of buttons, non-stick gum, apart from the selection of raw materials, but also to confirm the good shape of the prototype, prototype with a Groove you will need to select a good quality glue, adhesive choice for the right.