What are the membrane switch structures?

What are the membrane switch structures?

First, the panel layer

Panel layer is generally less than 0.25MM PET, PC and other colorless transparent film silk screen on the beautiful patterns and text produced, because the panel layer is the most important role in the logo and the role of the button, so the choice of materials must have high transparency , High ink adhesion, high flexibility, high toughness and so on.

Second, the surface layer

The main role of the adhesive is the panel layer and the circuit layer is closely connected to achieve the effect of sealing and connection, this layer is generally required between the thickness of 0.05 --- 0.15MM, with high strength and anti-aging; in the production , The general use of special membrane switch double-sided adhesive, and some membrane switch requirements to waterproof high temperature, so the glue must also be used according to the needs of different materials.

Third, control the upper and lower circuit

This layer is a good performance of the polyester film (PET) as a switch circuit graphics carrier and on it with a special process silk screen printed on the conductive silver paste and conductive carbon paste, so that it has conductive properties, the thickness of the general 0.05 - 0.175MM or less, the most common is 0.125MM PET.

Four, sandwich layer

It is in the upper circuit and the next circuit layer and the role of sealing and connection, the general use of PET double-sided adhesive, the thickness of 0.05--0.2MM range; in the choice of this layer of material should take full account of the whole product Thickness, insulation, circuit key package feel and sealing.

Five, back layer of glue

Beijiao use and membrane switch with what kind of material paste closely related, more commonly used are ordinary double-sided adhesive, 3M glue, waterproof plastic and so on.

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