What are the types of membrane switches that are divided into structures

What are the types of membrane switches that are divided into structures

1) flat no touch type: long life, but no touch;

2) film convex touch type: a good touch, but the service life is relatively short;

3) convex frame no touch type: beautiful appearance, a strong three-dimensional, but no touch;

4) convex frame touch type: beautiful appearance, a strong three-dimensional, and a touch;

5) panel hit convex touch type:

(A) type: improper design, easy to have two phenomena, but the panel is broken, electrical performance is also there;

(B) type: there is no two phenomena, and the structure layer is less, more economical, if the panel is damaged, electrical performance will not exist;

6) metal shrapnel type:

(A) type: the most basic and most commonly used structure. Shaped both from the role of touch and play the role of the line;

(B) type: the structure is complex, for the shrapnel more dense and do not have jumper occasions. Shrapnel on the line, the upper and lower lines are conductive surface up, on the line need to punch. This structure when the shrapnel of the four feet and the center point is not the same plane, there are "two" situation. At the same time, the shrapnel is often in the excessive concave and concave of the Zhuang, a long time, the shrapnel will not rebound phenomenon, not recommended;

(C) type: shrapnel on the line, only the role of touch, the line on the conductive side down, under the line conductive surface up, there are "two" situation, is not recommended;

(D) type: shrapnel placed in the next line, the upper and lower lines are traced, shrapnel both from the role of the touch from the upper and lower lines to connect the role; for shrapnel more, more dense and do not jump Line of the occasion, compared with (b) type structure is simple. Design should pay attention to line alignment to avoid the shrapnel's four legs, to ensure that no short circuit.

7) light type: must be open bottom mold;

(A) LED line and the next line with the same structure: simple structure, but if the selected LED lamp height is high, LED lights will jack up the panel, this time should be on the panel LED window to do convex processing, or thickening of the surface layer Of the thickness, so that the thickness is greater than the LED lamp thickness;

(B) LED lines and the next line different layers: the structure is complex, but the LED window does not have to play convex, but must be the top of the LED lights to prevent the light can not pass through the LED lamp hole. Note: At this time under the line when the need to line the LED lights to avoid routing around.

8) Folding:

This type can avoid jumper and do not need to hole can make the conductive surface can be down, the shortcomings of this structure in the fold easy to break easily line.

9) inside and outside the box waterproof type:

The frame is a closed box, there is no alignment, the inner frame from the protective effect, to prevent water from the outlet groove into the chassis.

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