What is the life of membrane switch features

Membrane switch is a flexible polycarbonate or polyester film made of conductive paste printed contacts on circuit switching, which belongs to the contact switch, plane type, layered, enclosed structure, is a push switch, Panel features tags, display port-hole, light aperture and circuits of electronic machine control system Assembly.

Membrane switch is to adapt to the electronic information, digital, intelligent, versatile, small, operation simplification and the development of new products. Switch in these electronic information product, playing instructions, information, and the important role of control circuit. This many kinds of membrane switch as goods not only developed a lot of development such as: touch, flat type, touch of many different kinds of products.

Average service life of the membrane switches can be up to 1 million or more, will have such a high and even an entire life of more than 5 times higher than the push button switch, the most important thing is because the membrane switch is completed by elastic straight play to move in the direction of. Because creep and its small, typically only for 0.1~0.3mm (both switches trip), plus materials to proper use, far from achieving the film submission limit, so complex that can accept more than 1 million times the membrane switch pressed without distortion. And because it is straight up and down moves to the rebound, so very little wear; natural service life is more than 5 times higher than the mechanical switching times.

The life of membrane switch increases from an average of 200,000 to 1 million or more; applications range from previous limitations to the extensiveness of the now functional collection features both single to the present diversity.

Membrane switches have durability, good sealing performance, colorful and pleasing in appearance, small size, light weight, low cost characteristics.