What is the overall performance of the membrane switch?

What is the overall performance of the membrane switch?

1. Durability: The life of the membrane switch can generally reach more than one million times. The reason why such a switch has a long service life is that the switch action is only performed by the elastic film in the vertical direction; the elastic film has passed through millions of times. Peristaltic, but due to the small creep, only 0.1 ~ 0.3mm (both switch stroke), combined with the rationality of the choice of materials, far from the yield limit of the film, so the film material can withstand more than one million times Life without deformation.

    2, good sealing performance: Shenzhen membrane switch is a sealed structure as a whole, the switch contacts from the erosion of harmful gases, not easy to oxidation; has the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof, and thus more suitable for a variety of harsh environments.

3, rich colors and beautiful appearance: Membrane switch can be based on the user's design concept, in the design of color patterns reflect the individualized, in the decorative effect reflects the material of the United States, the United States, the United States and the United States, the overall characteristics of technology.

4, reduce the cost of supporting mechanical and electrical products: the traditional mechanical switch, need to be welded during installation, and even with a fixed bracket; and the membrane switch is installed as a paste, as long as the adhesive tape off, you can firmly paste in the whole On the surface of the machine, the outlet of the lead wire is inserted into the socket of the rear circuit of the complete machine and the circuit can be switched on in an instant.

5, small size, light weight and reliable structure: Membrane switch can be arranged in the design of a combination of membrane keyboard, its set density, and it is composed of a multilayer thin film sealing structure, the connection between all switches The lines and leads are completed by screen printing at one time, with a total thickness of 1 to 3mm, thus reducing the volume, reducing the quality and improving the reliability.

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