What is the thickness of the membrane switch?

The plastic substrate thickness in 0.25mm and called the film, mainly used as a layer of film switch panel, the back printed with various patterns and characters are indicative to represent the corresponding switch key operation area, and should be considered in the panel and the key size thickness choice of material thickness, contact force increase, slow reaction; thin material feel bad, touch, the rebound is not obvious. Thickness of more than 0.25mm, known as sheet metal, is not suitable for three-dimensional key forming, can be used as the indicator panel without push-button operation area, and also can be used as lining board of membrane switch to improve its hardness.

Printed material for line layer:

The base material for making the circuit shall be polyester (poly (phthalic acid, two formic acid) PET (Potyester). It has good insulation and heat resistance, has high mechanical strength, transparency and air tightness, especially bending resistance and high elasticity. It is an ideal material for making thin film switch circuit.

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