Why Membrane Switches Are Designed as Button Raise

Why Membrane Switches Are Designed as Button Raise

The button protrusion is a pressure drum machine to press the key area on the mask layer. This method is based on the natural characteristics and bump properties of the membrane switch material, with stringent temperature and pressure requirements. The basic form is as follows:

(1) Frame protrusions: Used when the edge of the switch protrudes.

(2) Plane bump: Used when the entire switch is higher than the panel surface.

(3) ball convex: for processing spherical buttons.

(4) Frame convex + ball convex: not commonly used.


Membrane switches are designed to have the advantages of raised buttons:

(1) Enhances the decorative effect of the membrane switch appearance.

(2) The operator's touch is more sensitive.

(3) Accurately specify the scope of the key body.

(4) Improve the speed of recognition.


Membrane switches are designed to consider the factors that make up the key:

(1) Need special mold machining.

(2) The limit temperature of the raised polyester is 50°C.

(3) The height of the bulge should not exceed 1.5 times the thickness of the material.

(4) Plane projections should be a minimum of 3mm or 5mm from the edge.

(5) The raised key of the frame is at least 5 mm from the edge.

(6) Use excessive force to reduce the mechanical life of the assembly (for polycarbonate mask, the mechanical life should be able to operate not less than 100,000 times).

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