Custom Original Prototype 2 Tail Connectors Membrane Switch Panel Keyboard

Custom Original Prototype 2 Tail Connectors Membrane Switch Panel Keyboard
Customized original Prototype Membrane Switch
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Custom Original Prototype 2 Tail Connectors Membrane Switch Panel Keyboard



We one of the biggest manufacturer and very famous in China.

1. Material (PET, PE, PC)

2. Adhesive 3M


4. BERG connector

A. Material: RoHS compliant material, for example, Autotype, 3M, Nicomatic.

B. Dimension: According to customer 's drawing or design, OEM design.

C. Color: Pantone and Ral color match system.

D. Constrution: Various types to meet customer 's demand.




1. Accurate and strick color matching according to customer's requirement, both Panton and Ral color matching system, using advanced light box and computer color mataching, we can also do half-tone printing


2. Good material control to make sure all the material are high quality, all the material we used are Rohns compliant


3. Our engineer will work with customers and reommend specail constrution design to meet customer's desires, such water proof, dust proof and anti corrasion and so on


4. Strick quality inspection, 100 % funtional tesiting, and we can also do specified testing, such as humility testing, life expectancy testing, actuation force testing.


5. We are qualified Dara switch. 5. Except membrane switch and touch screen, we can also do different types of assembly, such as membrane switch and touch screen with FPC, PCB, silicone rubber, metal backer, plastic bezel and so on.


6. We can accept small quantity order and offer competitve price.


Technical Parameters


1. Electrical

Maximum Circuit Rating: 35V(DC), 100mA, 1W

Contact Resistance: 10Ω ~ 500Ω (Varies from the trace length and material)

Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ 100V

Dielectric: 250 Vrms (50~60Hz 1min)

Contact Bounce: < 5ms

Life: Flat: ≥ 5million times

Tactile: ≥ 1 million times

Duraswitch: ≥ 10million times


2. Mechanical

Actuation Force: Flat: 57~284G(2~10oz)

Tactile: 170~397g(6~14oz)

Switch Height: Flat: 0.1~0.5mm

Tactile: 0.6~1.5mm

3. Environment

Operation Temperature: -40~+80 Degree Centigrade

Storage Temperature: -40~+80 Degree Centigrade

Humidity: 90%~95%, 240 hours

Vibration: 20G, max (10~200Hz, Mil-SLD-202, M204. Condition B)