Customized 16 Key 4x4 Membrane Switch Keypad Array Keyboard With LED

Customized 16 Key 4x4 Membrane Switch Keypad Array Keyboard With LED
Customized LED 16 Key 4x4 Membrane Switch
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Product Details

Product Description

We one of the biggest manufacturer and very famous in China.
1. Material (PE, PC)
2. Adhesive 3M
3. LED
4. Nicomatic Connector
A. Material: RoHS compliant material, for example, Autotype, 3M, Nicomatic.
B. Dimension: According to customer 's drawing or design, OEM design.
C. Color: Pantone and Ral color match system.
D. Constrution: Various types to meet customer 's demand.

Technical Parameters

1. Electrical
Maximum Circuit Rating: 35V(DC), 100mA, 1W
Contact Resistance: 10Ω ~ 500Ω (Varies from the trace length and material)
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ 100V
Dielectric: 250 Vrms (50~60Hz 1min)
Contact Bounce: < 5ms
Life: Flat: ≥ 5million times
Tactile: ≥ 1 million times
Duraswitch: ≥ 10million times
1. Operating voltage: 0-35V DC.
2. Operating current: 100 MA Max.
3. Operating contact resistance: Less than 100 OHMS typical.
4. Contact bounce: Less than 5 Milliseconds typical.
5. Conductors: Printed silver conductive inks or carbon blend.
6. RFI and ESD shielding: Available in most configurations.
1. Life expectancy: 1, 000.000 actuations per switch position
2. Actuation force: 6-24 ounces, range depending on customer specification.
3. Switch travel: . 005 to. 030 typical
4. Overall thickness: . 020 to. 050 typical
1. Storage temperature: -40(-40° F) to +70(158° F)
2. Storage altitude: Sea level to 35, 000 feet
3. Operating temperature and attitude: -30(-30° F) to +75(170° F), can be designed to operate in most environment.