Membrane Switch Panel Keyboard

Membrane Switch Panel Keyboard
Matrix Colors Buttons Polyester Material Panel
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 Membrane Switch Panel Keyboard

1.PET/PC Keyboard Membrane Panel
2.LCD window availble
3.Screen printing
Beyond 15 years production experience

Keyboard Membrane Panel Specifications

1.PET/PC membrane keypad panel
2.LCD window availble
3.Screen printing
Beyond 15 years production experience

Keyboard Membrane Panel


Overlay Materials: The most commonly used base materials are polyester and polycarbonate.

Rear Adhesive: 3M 467MP, 3M 468MP, etc.

Standard Tolerances: +/-.010 inch.

Matching color: Pantone and RAL color matching system.


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Graphic Overlay Material Selection

     The two most widely used graphic materials are polycarbonate and polyester. polycarbonate comes in thicknesses of 0.127 0.762mm thick while polyester comes in thicknesses of 0.127 0.254mm.

     Polyester has greater tensile strength than does polycarbonate, which often allows it to withstand millions of actuations before fracturing. Also, polyester has a greater resistance to a broad range of chemicals.

     Polycarbonate is slightly easier to both print and emboss.

Graphic Design and Preparation

Blueprints Provide drawings that clearly dimension all physical characteristics including color breaks and copy.

Colors Identify colors by using Pantone (PMS) color number or a color sample. It is important to supply the exact standard for which our color match will be evaluated.

Background Dark backgrounds and light text will provide greater clarity and show less wear and dirt.

Artwork It is possible for customers to supply useable artwork.

Borders and Outlines Avoid outlines close to cutouts or outer edges.

Text Block lettering provides the most legible copy. Try to use common fonts. When logos or symbols are used, it is best to supply film positives or accurate black and white artwork .


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