Printed Acrylic Overlay Label

Printed Acrylic Overlay Label
Acrylic Material Graphic Overlay
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Assembled with SMD LED, resistors, connectors and other components

Components are guaranteed without any intermittent problem

In-house 100% functionally tested

Customers' designs are available


Operating voltage: < 35VDC

Operating current: < 100mA

Contact resistance: < 100 ohms

Open circuit resistance: > 10M ohms

Operating temperature: -35 to 70 degrees Celsius

Storage temperature: -45 to 90 degrees Celsius

Life expectancy: 500, 000 to 30, 000, 000 cycles

Switch stroke: 0.1 to 0.6mm

Contact bounce: 5 to 30ms

Actuation force range: 50 to 500g

Actuation force tolerance: +/- 20 to 45g

Tactile ratio: FC > 40%

Operating humidity: Up to 95% RH

Female, male connector, solder pins and heat seal connectors are available

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