Tactile Membrane Panel

Tactile Membrane Panel
Transparent black windows switch panel
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Graphic overlay

1. Material: PET, PC

2. Long life expectancy

3. Dust-proof, water-proof, gas-proof

4. Good tactile feel

Graphic overlay

1. Overlay Materials: The most commonly used base materials are polyester and polycarbonate.

2. Rear Adhesive: 3M 467MP, 3M 468MP, etc.

3. Standard Tolerances: +/-0.2mm

4. Matching color: Pantone and RAL color matching system.

5. Custom touch screen overlay

6. Second surface printing

7. Scratch resistance

8. Customized design


Product Table


Maximum Circuit Rating

35V(DC),100mA 1W

Contact Resistance

10-500(depending on trace lengthmaterial used)

Insulation Resistance

≥100MΩat 100V

Dielectric Withstand

250V Rms(50-60Hz 1 min)

Contact Bounce


Life Expectancey

Flat type≥5,000,000 times Tactile type≥1,000,000times


Actuation Force

Flat type

57 to 284g(2 to 10 OZ )

Tactile type

170 to 397g(6 to14 oz)

Switch Stroke

Flat type

0.1 to 0.5mm

Tactile type

0.6 to 1.5mm


Operation Temperature

Flat/Metal dome

-20°C to + 80°C

Poly dome

-20°C to  + 55°C

Storage Temperature

Flat/Metal dome

-40°C to + 80°C

Poly dome

-40°C to + 60°C


40°C,90% for 240 hours


20Gs max(10-200Hz , MIL-STD202 , M204 , Condition B)