Metal Dome 3M Sticker Membrane Panel Keypad Switch

3M adhesive and metal dome transparent windows switch panel.
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Metal Dome 3M Sticker Membrane Panel Keypad Switch


High quality, the best service, reasonable price.

Supply all kinds of control panel also produce as Customer's design

1. The materials of the control panel can be PVC, PC, PET etc.

2. The different sizes and colors of the control panel are availabel.

3. Printing technic includes obverse and reversed printing, which are used respectively for

Membrane panel of dfferent material and types.

4. Membrane panel can be separated into dish press and plane:

4.1 The dish press is mostly membrane panel design. Shapes of the dish press include words and signs raised in the center(words, picture or keystroke), spherical rise, and edge

Rise(linear rise).

4.2 The plane has no dish press. It can be used as senseless keystroke membrane of membrane panel or only as a kind of decorating, indicating and instructing label. The membrane has sand surface, glossy surface and combined type of the two kinds. Sand surface is mostly made through printing on sand-surface material, which has much hand feel, is nice and common. Glossy surface is made through printing on glossy material and it is quite shiny. The combined type between the sand surface and the glossy surface has not only sand effect but also shiny effect on the membrane surface. The main manufacturing technique is to print sand oil on the obverse surface of the glossy material to make it have sand effect.