Mylar Membrane Switch Keypad

Mylar Membrane Switch Keypad
Matrix transparent windows PFC flat cable panel
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Product Details


1. Beautiful appearance, rich and bright in color, design can be arbitrary, the products can fully reflect the individual style of the product itself and designer.

2. Panel can wash, good protection of durable color, characters, logos and other panel contents without injury.

3. Small size, light weight, thin thickness, good tactility, abrasion resistant, installation and connection convenience.

4. Tightness is good, moisture-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, anti-oil, anti-corrosion and erosion of harmful gases proof, acid and alkali proof, quakeproof.

5. Low cost, high lifespan, membrane switchs design and manufacture are using the keyboard as a whole way, whether on the material or mold charges, the costs are lowest, the life expectancy of different types of membrane switch is more than 100 million times.

6. Easy to operate, intuitive, safe and reliable, In-house 100% functionally tested, components are guaranteed without any intermittent problem.

7. Customized specification is available and keys can make different shapes


Performance indicators:

1. Electronic characteristics

Circuit rating: 35V (DC), 100mA, 1W

Contact resistance: 10Ω --500Ω (According the trace length and materials to comfirm)

Insulation resistance: > 100MΩ 250V DC

Contact bounce: ≤ 5ms Dielectric withstand: 250VRms (50-60Hz 1min)

Life expectancy: Flat type ≥ 5 million times, tactile type: ≥ 1 million times

2. Mechanical Properties Actuation force: Flat type 57-284G (2-10 Oz), tactile type 170-397g (6-14 Oz) Switch stroke: Flat type 0.1-0.5mm, tactile type 0.6-1.5mm

3. Environmental parameters

Operating Temperature: -40 oC- +80oC, Storage temperature: -40oC - +85oC

Humidity: 40oC, 90% -95%, 240 hours


Product Table

Membrane switch design


PET(polyester), PC(polycarbonate)


According  to  customer s demand, OEM  service


Pantone  and  RALcolor matching  system.

Rear Adhesive

3M467, 3M468, 3M9448  ect.


1)with  metal dome,

2)Key: embossed or flat

3)screen printing

4)with clear or  transparent window

5)glossy surface or matte  surface

6)Standard  Tolerances: +/-    0.10inch(+/-0.25mm)

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