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Capacitive Touch EL Membrane Switch Button, Touch Switch, Inductive

Capacitive sensing touch EL membrane switch button can penetrate the insulating material shell 8mm (glass, PC / acrylic / plastic, etc.) or more, accurately detecting the effective touch of the finger. And to ensure that the product's sensitivity, stability, reliability, etc. will not change due to changes in environmental conditions or long-term use.

Comparison between ordinary touch keys and capacitive touch keys:

1. Capacitive sensing touch buttons do not require the human body to directly touch the metal, and can completely eliminate the safety hazards. Even with gloves can be used, and is not affected by the weather, dry and wet body resistance changes, etc., it is more convenient to use.

2. Capacitive touch keys do not have any mechanical parts, will not wear out, have infinite life, and reduce post-maintenance costs.

3. The sensing part of the capacitive touch key can be placed behind any insulating layer (usually glass or plastic material) and it is easy to make a sealed keyboard with the surrounding environment.

4, capacitive touch button panel pattern, button size, shape any design, characters, trademarks, perspective windows LED light and other arbitrary match, beautiful appearance, fashion, no fading, no deformation, durable. It fundamentally solves the effects that various metal panels and various mechanical panels cannot achieve. Its reliability and aesthetic design arbitrariness can directly replace the existing ordinary panel (1, mechanical switch 2, home appliance touch button 3, diaphragm switch 4, sealed keyboard), and give your product double vitality!

5. Existing control program of capacitive touch keys does not need to be changed

6. The capacitive touch button replaces the physical button to make the product more beautiful and high-grade, with high sensitivity and no need to use force to detect it.

7, capacitive touch buttons small size, low power consumption, wide voltage, low cost, cost-effective

8, capacitive touch buttons can be replaced 1, mechanical switches 2, home appliances touch buttons 3, diaphragm switch 4, sealed keyboard

9, LED backlight touch buttons to achieve the switch control, the standard pattern is clear and easy to understand, the lamp position can be controlled in any light, in line with international trends, convenient night identification.