Classification Of Membrane Switches According To The Structure

1) flat-panel touch-free:

Long service life, without the touch;

2) convex film-touch:

Have a good touch, but relatively short service life;

3) convex borders touch-free:

Aesthetically, there is a strong feeling, without the touch;

4) convex borders touch type:

Aesthetically, there is a strong feeling, and touch;

5) convex touch-panel:

(A) type: when is poorly designed, easy to have two, but his face broken, electrical properties;

(B) type: no two phenomenon, and fewer layers, and more economical, if broken, electrical performance does not exist;

6) metal dome-type:

(A) type: for the most basic and most commonly used structure. shrapnel not only touch on the role of the line;

(B) type: complex structure, more dense and do not have jumpers for shrapnel. Shrapnel put in line the road, upper and lower line conductive surface upward, piercing you want on line. When this structure fragments of four foot is not on the same plane with the center point, the "two-stage" situation. Meanwhile, shrapnel in a constant excessive anti-strong AU States, long, shrapnel appears no rebound phenomenon, is not recommended;

(C) type: shrapnel in a line on the road, only touch the role of conductive line road facing down, conductive line side up under, "two-stage" situation, is not recommended;

(D) type: shrapnel on the next line, and BTL have on line, shrapnel is both tactile and upper and lower lines connecting; more dense and do not have jumpers for shrapnel, (b) simple structure. Designed to take the route line to avoid the shrapnel when four legs, to ensure that no short circuits.

7) glow size: must be rubber dies;

(A) LED the line with the next line with: simple in structure, but if you choose LED lights a high high, LED light Panel, LED window on the panels should be convex, or thickened surface layer thickness, making it thicker than LED lamp the thickness;

(B) LED the line with the next line to different layers: structure, but LED Windows need not be convex, but the area above the LED lamps must be hollowed out and prevent light couldn't penetrate the hole LED lamp. Note: at this point the line cord LED lights around the hole must be avoided when wiring.

8) fold:

This type can avoid more jumpers and don't need to grout the sheath can be down, the downside of this structure easily at the folded line break easily.

9) box waterproof inside and outside:

The bounding box is a closed box, no alignment, inner box for protection to prevent water vapor from the Groove into the outlet casing.