Products Information

Flexible Circuit Board Structure

CU (Copper foil) : E.D. and R.A. copper foil

Cu copper layer, copper skin is divided into RA, Rolled Annealed Copper and ED, Electrodeposited, both have different production characteristics due to different manufacturing principles. ED copper is low in manufacturing cost but brittle in Bend or Driver. ) When the copper body breaks easily. RA copper has high manufacturing cost but good flexibility, so FPC copper foil is mainly made of RA copper.

A (Adhesive) : Acrylic and epoxy thermosetting adhesives

Adhesive is Acrylic and Epoxy.

PI (Kapton) : Polyimide (Polyimide Film)

PI is an abbreviation for Polyimide, which is called Kapton on DuPont and has a thickness of 1/1000 inch lmil. Its characteristics are thinness, high temperature resistance, strong resistance to chemicals, and good electrical insulation. The current FPC insulation layer has all Kapton.