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How To Choose The Film Thickness Of The Membrane Switch Circuit

 The film of the circuit layer in the membrane switch, considering the separation of the switch electric shock, the rebound and the reliability of the lead-to-connector plug or riveting, the thickness of the circuit material should preferably be between 0.125 mm and 0.15 mm. If it is too thin, there is no resilience, the separation of the contacts is not agile, too thick, and the action is slow, increasing the operation intensity. From a specific point of view, the thickness of the selected film is also related to the following factors:

membrane switch

   1. The thickness of the isolation layer.

  2. The shape of the key body.

  3. The size of the key body.

     Therefore, the material of the membrane switch circuit layer is preferably 0.125 mm thick. Zhi Dexing Xiaobian will answer the questions about the membrane switch for you one by one.

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