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How To Judge High Quality Membrane Switch

There are many kinds of membrane switches, such as flat, convex, flexible, rigid, etc. The manufacture of membrane switches has certain requirements for the panel, and the panel is also a protective effect of the appearance of the product, so A good membrane switch can be made only when the film is manufactured to meet the necessary conditions. How should we judge whether the quality of the membrane switch is good or bad?

    The high-quality membrane switch has a good appearance, a flat appearance, a common gloss, no mechanical operations, scratches, inclusions and stains. Secondly, the weather resistance is better, and it must be deformed, cracked, aged and discolored under certain natural environmental conditions. With good chemical resistance, the panel layer will have the ability to touch different chemicals, but for most common chemicals, such as alcohols, ethers, mineral oils, there must be a certain tolerance.

    The above is the method that the membrane switch manufacturer shares with the need for the membrane switch. How to judge whether the quality of the membrane switch is good or bad? If you need a high quality membrane switch, you can contact us.

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