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How To Touch-screen Touch-one Machine Maintenance

one. Touch screen part of the cleaning

    Touching the touch screen touch machine long-term exposure, easy to contaminate the dust, which also makes it very easy to reduce their own sensitivity, or even failure and so on. Therefore, the touch screen part of the cleaning should be conducted once a year. When cleaning the touch screen, use a special cleaning agent and pour it into a soft cloth to wipe the touch screen. At the same time, the gap around the touch screen should be cleaned to reduce the existence of dust accumulation phenomenon.

two. Should pay attention to open, shut down the order

    The touch screen is formed by the innumerable components connected with each other to achieve the purpose of completing the instruction. Inaccurate opening and closing sequence can easily lead to the touch screen including internal system disorders and other failures. Thus at the end of the touch-one machine work, the need to turn off the power in accordance with the host - the display order, when the boot sequence is the opposite, according to the first to open the display, open the host sequence.

three. Keep the touch screen is not squeezed

    Under normal circumstances, should ensure that the touch screen touch-one machine remain squeezed state. Such as the display case caused by squeezing the touch screen phenomenon, should be loose screws and other methods to solve, to ensure that the touch screen to maintain an appropriate distance.

    In order to ensure that every one of the high-end touch all-in-one can be effectively put into use, appropriate maintenance work is necessary. In fact, by adopting the above method, a certain maintenance on the touch screen will effectively improve the service life of the touch screen and further enhance the overall level of the touch screen integration machine.