Membrane Switch De Material Thickness

Plastic base material thickness in 0.25mm and the following called film, main as film switch of Panel layer, its back printing has various indicates sex of pattern, and text to said corresponding open key bit of operation regional, in thickness Select Shang should depending on Panel and the press of size and set, material thick, touch power increased, reaction slow; material had thin, touches Shi feel poor, back play not obviously. Thickness 0.25mm sheet, not suitable for stereo button, can be used as indicative of the poster Panel with no key operation areas, can also be used as the lining of the membrane switch in order to increase its hardness.

Line printer:

Circuit substrate using polyester (poly ethylene glycol phthalate ester) film (Potyester referred to as PET). It has good electrical insulation and heat resistance, has high mechanical strength, transparency and air tightness, particularly flexural resistance and high elasticity, is the ideal material for production of membrane switch circuit.