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Membrane Switch In Use Should Pay Attention To What Issues

Membrane switch in use should pay attention to what issues

1. The membrane switch is required to keep the surface clean. At the same time, there must be no bulge, and proper dust prevention and anti-oil treatment should be carried out.


2. Comparing the size of the film (when the film switch is placed in the place to be posted, it is exactly coincident with the orientation of the size);


3. Then remove the centrifugation paper under the membrane switch from the edge to remove the centimeter;


4. Then place the membrane switch in the corresponding orientation to stick to a part, and then gradually tear off the remaining centrifugal paper (but not to exceed 15 degrees), and place it in the corresponding position. .


5. If the membrane switch torn off and off the paper needs to be placed before placing, it should not be placed upwards to prevent sticking to other objects.


6. Note: Post can not be repeated operation, one-time end; pay attention to control the angle of tearing; try to touch the handle, should be placed in a flat place, can not be held in the hands, otherwise it will be very easy on the membrane switch Cause damage.

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