Membrane Switch Materials

PVC smooth \ \0.175~0.5/PVC\60 ℃ at room temperature to acid, alkali and salt is stable. Good resistance to abrasion, flame self-extinguishing, muffling weakening, good electrical insulation. Thermal stability. Cheap common signs, panels.

\0.175~1.0\ glossy polycarbonate PC\-60~120 ℃ high transmittance, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, flexural, tensile and compressive strength is very good and the heat resistance cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation and resistance to atmospheric ageing. Resistance drug sex poor, resistance fatigue sex poor, easy produced stress cracking, output interface Terminal circuit General is carbon sex material printing made, and no protection coating, by air oxidation gradually formed off layer, to last led to circuit breaker and life terminated, this is film switch most easy out fault of place, main has environment by decided, regardless of using or not, physical damaged time is 3-10 years. General scope of the most widely used, in addition to meet the requirements of most membrane switch panels, high light transmission rate of smooth PC can meet the requirement of liquid crystal display window.

Sand surface of polyester (PET) \-30~120 ℃ \0.1~0.2 smooth drug resistance is good, not soluble in common organic solvents, no alkali. Has excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, rigidity, hardness and toughness of thermoplastic plastics, the largest, low water absorption, excellent wear and abrasion resistance, good dimensional stability. Tensile strength comparable with the aluminum, significantly higher than the PC, PVC. Low because the surface is difficult to process into sub-and so have the texture more expensive PET is made of membrane switch circuit is the ideal substrate. Texture of which PET is suitable for demanding or product with the LCD window.