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Membrane Switch Printing Process

Membrane switch (touch keyboard), is the use of screen printing set of control functions and panel decoration in one electronic device.

With the development of society, the innovation of man-machine interaction mode, the membrane switch with good anti-erosion, stable and reliable performance, light weight, small size, long life, easy assembly and nice appearance are more and more favored by the market , Which can be widely used in household appliances, instrumentation, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive industry and other fields.

Membrane switches are mainly divided into non-touch-type planar membrane switch and a mechanical touch of the button raised membrane switch, both roughly the same process, are using screen printing process conductive silver paste, carbon paste and insulation paint in accordance with the design requirements of the printing Flexible PET sheet with good physical and chemical properties above, and then through the panel, the isolation layer, adhesive layer assembly, which has a mechanical touch of the button raised membrane switch is based on the increase in the circuit and the panel Embossing process or increase the metal shrapnel process preparation, increase the user feel of the mechanical operation.

With the rapid advances in preparation technology, the cold welding patch technology has matured at this stage, making more micro-function devices better combined with the membrane switch, such as LED function display, implantation of various micro-sensors and integrated circuit Intervention will better enhance the functional aspects of the membrane switch and user interaction experience. I believe in the future, with the functional screen printing in industrial products, the strong promotion of the application, the membrane switch will be more recognized by the market.

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