Membrane Switch Products

Film switch and said light touch type keyboard, used plane multilayer combination and into of overall sealed structure, is will press switch, and Panel, and mark, and symbol displayed and the lining Board sealed in with of set light, and machine, and electric integration of a new electronic components, is electronic products appearance structure fundamental of change, it can replaced General Division components of press, more reliable to implementation operating system of task.

Membrane switches have a good waterproof, dust-proof, oil proof, protection against harmful gas erosion, stable and reliable performance, light weight, small size, long life, easy mounting, Panel can be washed and characters from damage, colorful, elegant and so on. Using the thin film switch features make your product more time. Membrane switch types of membrane switch panel is a rigid or flexible printed circuit board substrate, feel or no feel on the installation key, and then covered with a printed color decorative plastic (polycarbonate PC, polyester PET, etc) thin film solar panels set switching function and decorative features of electronic components, is a new type of man-machine conversation interface. The switching circuit and connection of the machine can be welded or dock to complete.