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Piezoelectric Touch Screen

Resistive design is simple and low cost, but resistive touch is more subject to its physical limitations, such as low light transmittance, high detection area of the number of lines caused processor burden, its application characteristics make it easy to aging and thus affect Service life. Capacitive touch support multi-touch function, with higher light transmittance, lower overall power consumption, the contact surface hardness, no need to press, long service life, but lack of accuracy, does not support stylus manipulation . So derived from the piezoelectric touch screen.

Piezoelectric touch technology lies between resistive and capacitive touch technologies. Piezoelectric sensor touch screen with the same capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch, but also supports any object touch, unlike the capacitive screen only supports skin-like material touch. In this way, the piezoelectric touch screen can have multi-touch capacitive touch screen touch, but also has a precision resistive screen.

Piezoelectric touch on the power consumption characteristics closer to the capacitive touch characteristics, that is, no touch action, no power consumption, while the resistance is always generated power. In the interface support, the piezoelectric touch also supports serial port, I2C and USB interface. From the process cost point of view, the resistive touch process to the piezoelectric touch process needs to change the production line equipment, and with the capacitive ITO and mask process compared to the piezoelectric touch process costs about 80 -90% between.

The working principle of the piezoelectric touch screen is equivalent to that of the TFT, the manufacturing process part is like a capacitive touch screen, and the physical structure resembles a resistive touch screen and is a kneading of three mature technologies. Therefore, the use of new technologies, piezoelectric touch-screen collection and enhance the resistance and capacitance advantages, but also to avoid the shortcomings of both. Piezoelectric touch screen is generally hard plastic flat (or plexiglass) substrate multi-layer composite film, hard plastic plate (or plexiglass) as the base, the surface coated with a transparent conductive layer, then covered with a layer of the outer surface of the hardened , A smooth scratch-resistant plastic layer, the surface is also coated with a transparent conductive layer, there are many small transparent points between the two conductive layers. The transmittance of the screen is slightly lower than the glass.

Piezoelectric touch screen masterpiece is Chi Ten (ie T10), piezoelectric IPS hard screen, almost reached the same level of iPad display and touch experience, while lower cost, the performance is very good.