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Thin Film Switch Material Thickness

Thin film switch material thickness

Plastic substrate thickness of 0.25mm and below known as the film, mainly used as a membrane switch panel layer, the back printed with a variety of indicative patterns, text to indicate the corresponding key operation area, in the thickness of the choice should be Panel and the size of the button may be, thick material, touch power increases, slow response; material is too thin, touch when the handle is poor, rebound is not obvious. Thickness of 0.25mm or more known as the plate, not suitable for three-dimensional key molding, can be used as a buttonless operation area of the indicative plate, can also be used as a membrane switch liner to improve its hardness.

Line layer printing materials:

The substrate for the production of the circuit should be made of polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) film (Potyester PET). It has good insulation and heat resistance, with high mechanical strength, transparency and air tightness, in particular, with flexural and high elasticity, is the ideal material for the production of membrane switching circuit.

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