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Three Important Features Of Optical Touch Screen

The first feature: low energy consumption, saving the environment

Reliable optical touch screen with low energy consumption characteristics, mainly because of its use of high-performance M4 computing unit to maximize the lowest power consumption, and perfect for efficient information collection and processing algorithms. No sleep when active, effectively reducing power consumption and make the components long life.

The second feature: high touch sensitivity

Optical touch screen response to touch with high sensitivity, you can quickly access and identify your finger on the screen position. By means of a specific algorithm, the physical coordinates of the finger are transformed into computer-identifiable logical coordinates and control instructions so as to effectively accomplish the functions of finger touching and marking on the screen so that people can naturally interact with the product.

The third feature: multi-screen interactive

Optical touch screen with multi-screen interactive features, you can achieve a computer to connect multiple touch screen. And because it has a driver-free and makes the touch screen can be connected directly with the host computer can be used directly, do not need to install the driver, even if you change a different computer can also be used as usual.