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Touch Panel Technical Points

Touch panel technical points

From a technical point of view, touch screen is a set of transparent absolute positioning system, first of all it must be guaranteed to be transparent; secondly, it is absolute coordinates, which is where the fingers touch, unlike the mouse need a cursor as a relative positioning, so Easy to distract, because you have to keep track of where the cursor is.


The structure is usually in the semi-reflective liquid crystal panel (ITO transparent conductive pole) covered with a layer of pressure plate, which has high sensitivity to pressure, when the object is pressed there will be a current signal and set the pressure source Location, and dynamic tracking. This is our on-cell technology reported by the media. At present, there are also In cell Touch touch components integrated in the display panel so that the panel itself has a touch function. The touch effect and application can be achieved without any additional bonding and assembly with the touch panel. Apple is researching.

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