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Touch Screen Interface And The Common Interface Of The Same Place

In addition to the touch screen interface, other user interfaces include web interface, software interface, game interface and mobile interface. Touch screen interface and they have many similarities: The most basic point, they are interactive systems, all belong to the category of software design rather than physical design.

Secondly, both the touch screen interface and the web interface are all graphic user interface designs. That is, they all have attributes common to the graphical user interface, such as windows, icons, menus, and pointing devices. Only in some special cases, the above elements will be changed accordingly.

Third, the touch screen interface and other interface design in the two aspects of color psychology and graphic design of the knowledge content is almost the same.

Finally, the touch screen interface and other interface design concept is consistent, that is, "people-oriented", allowing users to feel at first glance after this interface at a glance, do not need much training can easily get started to use, so that the user for the first time Operation to get happiness experience.