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What Are The Characteristics Of Household Appliances Film Panel

What are the characteristics of household appliances film panel?

After the household appliances entered the home, they brought a very convenient quality of life to the people. In the washing machine industry, the use of safe, durable thin film panels is particularly important. The phenomenon of leakage and electric shock caused by household appliances often occurs every year. Does the panel have any special performance on the laundry? Here are some features of the thin film panel:

    First, durability

    The switch on the washing machine is responsible for many functions such as washing, dehydration, and drainage of the washing machine. Now, with the rapid development of science and technology, many washing machines are equipped with computer control chips. The repeated touch of the button will have a long-term aging. The durability of the thin film panel is in principle repeated. Can be used up to tens of thousands of times to hundreds of thousands of times, the ordinary face of the switch a few thousand times the wear and tear on the ordinary, because the thin film panel design makes the switch industry to become a leader.

    Second, security

    Since washing machine operators may inevitably have wet hands, then if the old switch does not have a good waterproof device, it may cause electric shock, and the film panel is 100% waterproof at this point and can even directly pour water on the switch. This is also the case with thin film panels in many other industries.

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