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What Are The Classification Of Membrane Switch?

What are the classification of membrane switch?

(1) Military Membrane Switch

The biggest difference between the two is the use of different environments, the use of military membrane switch environment is rather harsh. As far as the ambient temperature is concerned, its operating conditions not only need to meet -54 to 70 degrees, but it also needs to receive a temperature shock of -55 to 100 degrees for three cycles. Moreover, in foreign military standards, the high temperature test specifies a working temperature of 125 degrees and a high temperature storage temperature of 150 degrees. It is clear that commercial membrane switches are not suitable for working in such a harsh military environment.


(2) Commercial membrane switch

Published on July 1st, 1991, in 1992, the standards for the evaluation of high, low temperature, constant humidity and heat, and temperature change of the membrane switch in JB5045--91 "Technical Requirements for Membrane Keyboard" implemented in 1992 were: High temperature: (55) +/- 2) degrees (72h) Low temperature: (-40+/-3) degrees (16h)

Constant heat and humidity: (40+/-2) degrees {Relative humidity 96%+/-(2~3)%, duration 96h} Temperature change: -40~50 degrees (after 5 cycles of tests, under normal atmospheric conditions Resume 2h Any membrane switch that can pass this kind of assessment condition and has the general function of membrane switch, usually can be called as commercial membrane switch, it is the most common and most membrane switch characteristic product in membrane switch. The layer is usually a PC or PET film as a substrate, the circuit substrate is a conductive silver paste, or a conductive silver carbon paste slurry, and the carrier of the conductive material is a PET film, which is isolated from the consideration of the application environment and the reduction of the manufacturing cost. The layer is usually made of cheap PVC film.

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