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What Is A Capacitive Touch Switch?

What is a capacitive touch switch?

Capacitive sensor touch switch

Among various technologies, capacitive touch sensing technology has become the mainstream of touch sensing technology. In terms of key solutions, it can bring overall appearance enhancement to the product.

The capacitive inductive touch switch can penetrate the insulating material housing by more than 20mm (glass, plastic, etc.), accurately detecting the effective touch of the finger, and ensuring that the product's sensitivity, stability, reliability, etc. will not be changed due to environmental conditions. Or changes in long-term use, and have waterproof and strong anti-interference ability.

There are many kinds of multi-touch technology, but the following four kinds are more mature.

1. "LLP (laser light plane) technology" mainly uses infrared laser devices to project infrared light onto the screen. When the screen is blocked, infrared light reflects, and the camera below the screen captures the reflections. After system analysis, you can respond.

2. “FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) technology” adds LED light to the sandwich of the screen. When the user presses the screen, it will cause the sandwich light to cause different reflection effects. The sensor will receive light and capture the user. The point of exertion was thus reacted.

3, "ToughtLight technology", the use of projection methods, the infrared projection onto the screen. The infrared will reflect when the screen is blocked, and the camera under the screen will capture the reflection. System analysis can then react.

4, "Optical Touch technology", it is at the top of the screen at both ends, respectively, with a lens to receive the user's gesture changes and the location of the contacts. After calculation, it is converted to coordinates and then reacted.

Compared with traditional switches

Capacitive sensing touch switch does not require the human body to directly touch the metal, and can completely eliminate the safety hazards. Even with gloves, it can be used, and is not affected by the weather, dry and moist body resistance changes, etc., it is more convenient to use. Without any mechanical parts, it will not wear out, have an infinite life, and reduce post-maintenance costs. Its sensing part can be placed behind any insulating layer (usually glass or plastic material) and it is easy to make a keyboard sealed to the surrounding environment.

Panel pattern can be arbitrary, button size, shape any design, characters, trademarks, perspective windows and other arbitrary match, beautiful appearance, fashion, no fading, no deformation, durable. It fundamentally solves the effects that various metal panels and various mechanical panels cannot achieve. Its reliability and aesthetic design arbitrariness can directly replace existing ordinary panels (metal keyboards, film keyboards, conductive adhesive keyboards).


lead the industry

Capacitive sensing touch switch can penetrate the insulation material shell 20mm (glass, plastic, etc.

Touch switch

Etc.) Above, an effective touch of the finger is detected without error. And ensure that the product's sensitivity, stability, reliability, etc. will not change due to changes in environmental conditions or long-term use, and has a waterproof and strong anti-interference ability.

Simple application

Single chip, few peripheral parts, the circuit is very simple, no oscillation circuit, the production process is simple, just press the schematic layout will be able to get satisfactory results. There are a variety of special interface requirements of the touch-sensitive button series IC, a single button, a variety of special requirements interface, do not have to modify the product MCU control program. It is very easy to implement various touch control applications with the microcontroller interface.

Free adjustment

Touch sensing execution time (sensitivity) can be freely adjusted according to the requirements;

Technology leadership

Has a unique algorithm to avoid keystrokes and misoperation; single 3-5V power supply, wide voltage range, low power consumption. Can directly use the power supply in the machine; touch button sensing series IC with automatic correction and compensation functions, completely without complex production adjustment, a capacitor determines the sensitivity, not affected by the ambient temperature, suitable for mass production; using capacitive sensing principle , (non-electrode contact type touch method), the design is more casual, stylish; with the glass panel, is not afraid of liquid splash, can still maintain normal control function; strong penetration ability, can penetrate more than 20mm of any insulating material panel, for example : Tempered glass, ceramics, plastics, etc.;

Wide range of applications

Audio panel, telephone control keyboard, instrumentation control panel, washing machine control panel, intelligent access control system control panel, various small household appliances (induction cooker, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, ...), has covered household appliances, handheld devices, industrial control, automotive Almost all electronic, military products, etc., are related to the application fields of control key operation panels.

High cost performance

The pursuit of a win-win, the most competitive cost-effective products, touch the application of popularization, standardization of the industry pioneer.

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