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What Is A Flexible Membrane Switch

What is a flexible membrane switch

Flexible membrane switch is a typical form of membrane switch. This type of membrane switch is called flexible, because the membrane switch mask layer, the isolation layer, the circuit layer all made of a variety of different nature of the flexible film. Flexible membrane switch circuit layer, are using good electrical properties of polyester film (PET) as a switch circuit graphics carrier, this layer is also sub-packed feel shrapnel, up and down the circuit. Due to the nature of the polyester film, the membrane switch has good insulation, heat resistance, bending resistance and high resilience. Switch circuit graphics, including the switch on-line and its leads are low resistance, low temperature curing conductive paint printed. Therefore, the composition of the entire membrane switch, with a certain degree of flexibility, not only for the use of flat body, but also with the curved body. The flexible membrane switch leads are integrated with the switch body itself. When the group switch is made online, it is collected in one part of the membrane and extended outwardly according to the designed position and the standard line distance, as a soft , Can be bent, sealed lead wire and the rear of the machine connected to the circuit.

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