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What Is A Membrane Switch?

What is a membrane switch?

Membrane switches, also called touch-type keyboards, use a flat, multi-layered, integrated seal structure, which is a type of light-collecting device that integrates key switches, panels, markers, symbol displays, and liners together. The new type of electronic components is a fundamental change in the appearance structure of electronic products. It can replace the keys of conventional discrete components and perform the tasks of the operating system more reliably.

Membrane switch has good waterproof, dustproof, oil-proof, anti-harmful gas erosion, stable and reliable performance, light weight, small size, long life, easy installation, panel can be washed and the characters are not damaged, rich colors, beautiful and generous advantage. Use membrane switches to make your product more contemporary. The main type of membrane switch membrane switch panel is a rigid or flexible printed circuit board as the substrate, the installation has a touch or no touch buttons, and then covered with printed decorative decorative plastic (PC polycarbonate, polyester PET Etc.) An electronic component that incorporates a switching function and a decorative function and is composed of a thin film panel and is a new type of human-machine dialogue interface. The connection mode of the switch circuit and the whole machine can be completed by welding or plugging.

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